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tired_jokes's Journal

The Tired Jokes Archive
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Hello, and welcome to the Tired Jokes Archive! Please read the following FAQ before posting:

1. What is the Tired Jokes Archive?

It combines a valuable writing resource with one of the key reasons LiveJournal exists: griping about/mockery of other people. The TJA is designed to be an index of jokes that are overused, past their expiration date, and otherwise incredibly annoying. Using it will help you improve your writing and social skills by leaving out cliches and keeping your humor fresh, and more importantly, allow you to point and mock other people who use tired jokes. It can also be an invaluable resource to kill spam; point your friends and relatives towards the TJA to help them understand why they don't reply to the allegedly funny email they sent you.

2. What decides when a joke is tired?

Pretty much when you're sick of it. Some jokes are evergreen, but most jokes die with repetition.

3. Who can post?

Anyone who abides by the rules for posting.

4. Which are?

A) Always check the tags to make sure the joke you want to submit isn't already posted. If you're sick of it, odds are others are too. If you find it posted, use the comments and add your voice.

B) Always tag your post, and the more tags the better. Always tag what kind of joke it is. In the case of a pun, for example "The Sith hits the fans", be sure to include the topic of the pun, "Star Wars", and the tag "pun". If the tired joke is a reference, such as the "tracer" monologue from "Chasing Amy", be sure to include the source as a tag and the subject of the reference; the tags in this case would be "comics", "reference", and "Chasing Amy" (the tag "I am an inker and will throttle you if I hear so much as a word of this monologue again" is, of course, optional.) If it's an in-joke, be sure to mention the field/company/whatever the in-joke is from. For example, the in-joke "your character goes insane and dies" would be tagged "role-playing", "Call of Cthulu", "in-joke."

Finally, if it's an email forward, please use the tag "spam", regardless of joke type.

C) Keep it brief; this IS supposed to be a reference tool, not just a place to grouse. Post the joke, perhaps a short comment below it (possibly an explanation of the joke if its obscure), and that's all. Save excessive bitching for the comments; that's what comments are for. For example, the aforementioned "tracer" monologue is so played out in the comics community, you probably don't need to post the full text. Just "You're a tracer! -- Chasing Amy" is probably sufficient.

D) Lengthy jokes should be put under a cut. Not sure if it needs a cut? Then cut it anyway. Almost invariably this applies to spam emails.

5. I'm part of an obscure subculture and there's a joke going around I can't stand, but only five people would probably even get it, let alone understand why it drives me nuts. Can I post it here?

Yes! The more obscure the joke, the more I'd encourage an explanation, but it's not mandatory. Every field has jokes you hear dozens of times, ranging from Windows "humor" to jokes about how being a janitor is a dirty job. It'll also help for reference since someone writing about your topic might come up with a pun that makes everyone in your field gag, but thinks it's really neat and clever. Including it will help you shoot it down.

6. How about jokes that are constantly forwarded?

YES! We all hate these.

7. I find a joke posted in your community to be very funny and am offended you've included it.

Consider finding it here a polite reminder that not everybody finds everything equally funny.

8. Can I post examples of tired jokes cropping up?

Please post these as a comment; don't repost the joke. Joke reposts will be deleted.

9. Can I make jokes in the tags?

Yes! Not only will it make everyone laugh, it will help with reference.

10. Any rules about being a good community member beyond these?

Yes; no sock puppets. Any sock-puppet accounts discovered will be banned, and if we trace them back to a comm user, we'll ban that person as well. Only that you should follow the LJ TOS, like any other community. Please note that the moderators will be more than happy to use public humiliation as an enforcement tool, so think hard about how much you'd like a starring role on stupid_free before starting a flame war.

11. Can I petition for a joke to be declared "refreshed"?

Yes, but speak to a mod first; if we agree with you or at least think you have a point, we'll put it in front of the community and see what they have to say.